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12.09.2017 Juan Carlos Galang

Can you use ph meter with ro water without any nutrients?

10.09.2017 Ballal Pathare

Useful! ! Funny! ! Short! ! Amazing videos these are.

08.09.2017 Cliff P


06.09.2017 Mike

Listening on half speed is fucking hilarious! !


If you mix r. O. Water with good clean filtered tap water you can stabilize the ph without adding any acid s or base s. If your ro is . Ph and your tap is near . Then add oz cup of tap to gallon of ro. The ppm s will equal out to be about if the filtered tap water is around ppm.


In hydro system add hydroguard from botanicare to keep out root rot it really works. . Add silica blast from botanicare strengthens plants both of these will allow higher reservoir temperatures and the hydroguard is a superior bacteria that will kill all other bacteria don t use h o with hydroguard, just add hydroguard at begining of resivior change and the bacteria will grow and multiply breaking down organic matter and killing bad bacteria. You will have no odor in the system cause good bacteria don t produce odor.

31.08.2017 YOUDIEMOFO

Rock on! ! ! !

28.08.2017 Baltazar Martinez Galla

Can i use aquarium ph testers. Uppers or downers. Where i live cant get these for hydroponics

25.08.2017 Colin Godsey

So fast! Good tho

24.08.2017 matthew allred

Everest, could you clarify? I should adjust my ph before adding nutrients, but i should be adjusting that ph so that it is still ish after the nutrients have been mixed in? Or as long as i am ph ing my water to ish it doesnt matter what the nutrients do to it?

22.08.2017 Dr. Boilermaker

Love the info compression!

21.08.2017 Mystery G

Is coco hydro nd what h should it be?

19.08.2017 Dave Müller

You are really spreading a lot of very valuable information ! I learned a few things and i would consider myself a quit educated planter. But because there are so many good information, i get a bit frustrated with you super fast talking. I know that this should give a comedic tough and i had to laugh guess it worked but over time this gets at least for me a bit annoying because you have to listen over and over again to get the essential information. Just wanted to give some constructive feedback. Keep up the good work! !

16.08.2017 MyLittleGardenPlace

Love this video!

14.08.2017 cicco

Wow plant bro! The energy woow

12.08.2017 Robin Zavala

Hey everest, first of all wow and thankyou, your videos are great, super informative, i just have a question about this one, at you say how to calculate ph fluctuation and show a chart, i cannot relate the chart to the math. . . What im i missing?

10.08.2017 Lenien Schob

Can y explain te log van x answer . Ohh now i see how stupid oy my log . Is ph . . Its bein a long time

08.08.2017 J Rossiter

Very informative videos on ph. . . It has helped me a hydroponic novice out. Will aeration affect the ph, nutrients, and plants due to the change in oxygen per ppm? ? ?

05.08.2017 Eric Jensen

Everest! In which video do you mention daisy chaining reservoirs together? I m heading across the big pond and need a few extra days

03.08.2017 Guillaume Croes

Hey everest, i m a huge fan of your content. However i think you made a mistake in your calculations this video. When you are calculating the ph value, you divide the volume , ml of h po by the molecular mass. This gives you something with units of ml mol g, which doesn t make sense. Instead you should multiply the volume by its density, for h po that is . G ml. After dividing this again by the molecular mass, it gives something around , mol. So the amount of h is , mol, which gives , e mol l for your reservoir. The final ph value then becomes . , which doesn t different that much from yours but since it has a logaritmic scale this actually means that there are about twice as much h ions in the reservoir!

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