Как сделать гистограмму в excel 2010

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19.01.2017 Vincent Wang

Thanks for the video. Saved me hours to figure it out.

17.01.2017 Z Mouffak

Simplified and very helpful! Thank you dr o loughlin!

14.01.2017 Ahmed Moussa

Very simple and easy to understand. Thank you

12.01.2017 Vanmax22

I hope those weren t students actual grades

09.01.2017 Joseph

Eugene i love you

07.01.2017 Joshua Pritt

Omg, so helpful thank you so much for making this video. I have found others out there but they make no sense, thanks,

05.01.2017 Christopher Colbert

Thanks it helped.

03.01.2017 Erik Hansen

Thank you so much!

01.01.2017 June McCandless

Thank you! You speak slowly and clearly. This made it so much easier to understand. I appreciate your video!

30.12.2016 Thor Satter

You explained that very well, thank you.

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